To Thanksgiving to My Mother

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Thanksgiving is a virtue; Thanksgiving is a fragrance of the Oath; Thanksgiving is a kind of happiness; Thanksgiving is an eternal fulcrum. On such a special day, what will you do for the people who you respect and love? I think it's better to choose a gift to express your thanksgiving.
First I would like to express the thanksgiving to my parents, not only they give the birth to me, but also they endow me the wisdom, the principle, and the meaning of life, especially my mother. When I was in the childhood, she taught me the first lesson. At that time, I have learned how to walk, but still I tumbled through it all. Sometime I would fall over myself on the ground. Although it's not painful, I still was lying on the ground and cried to ask for help and comfort. My mother didn't help me up immediately, just told me, "my baby, you'll do it, never fear, mummy is here". Without help, I had to climb up by myself. And my mother has never spoon- fed me and she always makes me to do everything by myself, because she holds the principle that shod in the cradle, barefoot in the stubble.
Thanks, my mother, you give me an independent personality. On Thanksgiving Day, I want to express my thanks and love to her. On the weekend I go around the street, and want to find a suitable gift for her. And some elegant and generous leather bags capture my attention.
The large bow shoulder bag under strong recommendation by the shop
Popularity Value: four stars
Women always like the sweet gadgets, and the lovely elements. And the bag accentuates the outline of pretty shape. It's not only noble yet playful! No women can resist its charm! The spherical metal mouth with the gold buttons around the fringe, the sweet metal crown is fixed in the middle, and the exquisite twist chain is as the shoulder strap, all the elements are coupled to create a elegant and noble queen.
Recommendation two: the dream sweet series for ladies shoulder bag
Popularity Value: four stars
The classic arched crust bag matches with the light purple color, and ultra-stylish elements of metal elements, it's a perfect combination. Even the folders give us a strong inconsistency, the art of design is very cute. Such lively shape must win the flavor of my mother, it's an essential single product in her wardrobe.

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To Thanksgiving to My Mother

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This article was published on 2010/10/15