The Most Precious Thanksgiving Gift

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This Thanksgiving Day is coming in the next month. Though I had many Thanksgiving Day already, I still remember that one when I was five years old. Just as the name implies, the Thanksgiving Day is a good chance for people to express thank for others like parents, brothers, friends and anyone who help them. Compared with other festivals, Thanksgiving Day is not just happy, but also sad sometimes. Because we will find that when we want to thank someone for doing something, I can not find them any more.

The Thanksgiving gift is indispensable for the special day, and there are various kinds of gifts in the market for consumers. Nowadays, nearly all people intend to go to a shop and buy some gifts for Thanksgiving Day rather than making presents by themselves. Maybe this is why I value the gift which was given by mother twenty years ago.

It is a silk scarf with bright color and vivid patterns. Though it became old now, I still collect it in my wardrobe to remind that how my mother loves me. When I was five years old, I did not know what the so-called Thanksgiving Day is. The only thing I care about is I can eat delicious turkey and pumpkin pie on this festival. So I was very surprised when my mother gave me the silk scarf as a thanksgiving gift. She said: "I think this thin and light scarf can make you have a comfort autumn. And when I know there is a shop which offers service for customer to make special silk scarves by themselves, I join the queue at once. I hope you love this color and patterns I make and I also thank for everything you bring to me."

At that time, I can not understand what important this gift is. I was so excited just because I have a silk scarf which is very rare in my world. Until several years, I began to realize how a precious gift this is. In fact, the first person I should thank is my mother. She gives me a lot of thing that I can pay back for what she does. Now, I work far away from home, I can not take care of her anytime, anywhere. So I will come back home on the Thanksgiving Day no matter how busy I am to express my love and share everything with her.
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The Most Precious Thanksgiving Gift

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This article was published on 2010/10/18