The Most Fantastic Thanksgiving Gift

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In every autumn, migratory birds fly toward the southern warm lands, and I always look at the sky and dwell on that whether the southern migratory birds have forgotten that wood in which they came into birth. However, in the next spring, they come into appearance on the branches. At this time, I think of thanksgiving, and are not the returns of migratory birds a kind of gratitude to the forest? Of course, flowers are grateful to rain, because rain nourishes their growth; eagle supply gratitude to sky, because the sky to let him fly; mountain is appreciative of earth, because the earth give it a brace. Owing to thanksgiving, the colorful world will occur; because of thanksgiving, we will have a sincere affection; owing to gratitude, we understand the true meaning of life!

As the advent of Thanksgiving Day, I am sincerely eager to express my gratitude to every one who provided assistance to me and enlightened me. However, fabulously, I also received a thanksgiving gift on the former Thanksgiving Day. The thanksgiving gift was silk scarves, sent by my mother. I was deeply moved when I received the gift. I should pay gratitude to my mother, however, she sent me thanksgiving gift.

Parental care and affections are the broadest and most selfless. How much effort and sweat parents spent! With the purpose of making us experience the life of the warmth and enjoy the pleasure of life, how many days and nights parents spent! Parent's life may be ordinary, and the life is so ordinary that we could not talk in front of others; parent's life may be poor, and the life is so poor that we do not want to show off and praise in front of other people. Just these parents help you up when you fall, teach you to stand and guide you step by step to success. Amazingly, my mother sent me silk scarves as thanksgiving gift on Thanksgiving Day. My mother's views were as follows. Children also deserved parents' deep gratitude, and children were the importance of essential elements to create a happy home. As parents, we would never forget the joy and happiness brought by children.

What a great mother she is! The silk scarves, sent by my mother, which are not valuable and brilliant, were the best thanksgiving gift. Friends, let us remember the kindness of parents, and pay thanksgiving to them.
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The Most Fantastic Thanksgiving Gift

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This article was published on 2010/10/18