The Best Thanksgiving Gift

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Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, and many people are busy with choosing and buying thanksgiving gifts. After all, Thanksgiving Day is an important festival for people all over the world, and we could catch this chance to appreciate those people we love.

Mentioning thanksgiving gift, I reminded of the best thanksgiving gift I have received. Though that gift was not invaluable and shinning at all, and it was also not very beautiful and attractive, it was a gift that was made with the love of my mother. Until now I still kept it very well.

I was afraid of coldness badly, and I felt very painful in every winter. My mother just bought several rolls of warm knitting wool, and she said that she would do something to make me warm in the winter. From that day on, my mother just began to knit a scarf as long as she had free time. I knew that she planed to finish the scarf before the Thanksgiving Day, and then I could wear it to survive the cold winter.

On that Thanksgiving Day, I received a thanksgiving gift from my mother, and it was the warm scarf that was knitted by mother. Though it was not beautiful and expensive at all, I still cherished it as a treasure. When I was wearing it, I just felt the warmness and the thick love from my mother.

Several years passed, I just kept that scarf carefully. Now a new Thanksgiving Day is coming soon, and I want to thank my mother for what she did for me. I would let her know that I also love her deeply.

At present, silk scarves get more and more popular, and every woman just has one at least, because silk scarves play an important role in changing the whole style of the females. Though my mother gets older and older, I still want her to become beautiful and fashionable, and I want to make her become the most beautiful and the most fashionable mother in the world. Therefore, I decide to present a beautiful silk scarf to my mother.

I hope that it is also the best thanksgiving gift my mother has received on Thanksgiving Day. All people should catch this chance to thank their mothers for loving them for years, and we should also do something to make our mothers know that we love them deeply at the same time.
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The Best Thanksgiving Gift

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This article was published on 2010/10/18