My First Thanksgiving Gift

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Thanksgiving Day is coming in a few days, it is the time that we should express our love to the people who also love us. But what is the proper thanksgiving gifts for different persons with different characteristics who are playing different roles around us? That is really a hard problem to deal with.

However difficult it is, we are going to send out the first gift. Who is the first person that comes into your mind? He or she must be the most important role in your life. As a matter of fact, whatever you send them as the thanksgiving gift, he or she will also be happy. However, we should think about it carefully and choose a most suitable thanksgiving gift which can show our love to his or her.

The first person I want to send my thanksgiving gift is my mother who also love me most. Of course, there are many other people who take good care of me and give me a lot help, but why I choose my mother as the first person to give the gift? Here, I would like to list my reasons in the following paragraphs.

First, because she is my mother and it is she who give birth to me and bring me up. It is she who teaches me to tell right and wrong. I want to thank her in the thanksgiving day first.

Second, because she always give me many correct and valuable suggestions which help me most in my life, such as how to communicate with others and how to make friends with people with different characteristics.

Third, she spends most of her time taking care of me and the whole family, on the thanksgiving day, it is the time for us to give some surprise and comfort to tell her that her daughter has grown up and she is able to enjoy the life without considering other things.

And what is the gift I want to give to my mother? That is a leather bag. Why do I choose a leather bag as the thanksgiving gift? My reason is listed below.

My mother is over 40 years old and she has never owned a bag with good quality and beautiful appearance. So I want to give a bag and when she goes out, she is able to tell her friends and colleagues that this is the bag given by her daughter. This must be the happiest thing in her life.

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My First Thanksgiving Gift

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This article was published on 2010/09/30