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Thanksgiving Day is coming to us soon. Have you make preparations for this festival? For example, who will you choose to spend this festival together with, your family for your friends?
At present, more and more people choose to leave parents and go out for working just in order to pursue freedom. In fact, on important festivals like Thanksgiving Day, we should go back to our house and celebrate this festival with our parents. After all, we should thank our parents at the first place, and we would not come to this beautiful world without them, and they also spend their young time on bringing us up. Therefore, we should thank our parents with great passions.
Now I should begin to consider thanksgiving gifts for my parents, or I would be in a muddle when the festival arrives. At the beginning, I really do not know what kinds of thanksgiving gifts I should present to my father and my mother, and I just ask suggestions from my friends all the time, but later I decide to think of thanksgiving gifts for my parents by myself, and it is I that know my parents best.
After several days consideration, I know what kinds of thanksgiving gifts I should give my parents finally. I would present a leather bag to my mother and a shaver to my father. My mother only has an old cloth bag all the time, and she takes it with her whenever she goes, and she also complains that she does not have a good bag to attend some important parties and that cloth bag makes her just like an old-fashioned woman. Though my mother is not young any more, she could still appear fashionable and beautiful with the help of some accessories like bags. The leather bag with conservative style and good texture is the best thanksgiving gift for her, and I am sure that she will be very excited to receive this thanksgiving gift.
I know that a good shaver is necessary for every man. In the past, my father just bought a common shaver in order to save money, and later he did not change a new one any more, but I have seen that the bad shaver left blood on his face. Therefore, I decide to buy a good shaver for my father, making him enjoy shaving them again.
All people should make preparations for 2010 Thanksgiving Day, or we could not choose the best thanksgiving gifts for our parents.

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Meet Thanksgiving Day Ahead

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This article was published on 2010/09/25