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Just like the fact that we could not find the same leaves in the world, people are different from each other. For some people, it is quite hard for them to clearly say the sensitive words about their real feeling. For example, they may suffer a lot to say "I love you" to their beloved wives or husbands. So you may wonder how they could sustain the harmonious relationship in their families. As matter of fact, some special festival could be helpful and come to their rescue. Indeed, the proper and reliable gift could be wonderful to express their feelings once and for all.
My husband Sam is such kind of person. This big boy's smile is so eye-catching and charming. I may remind the first time we saw each other. He stood at the gate and looked at me. Then his shy smile came out and attracted me. I knew he was my man who would protect me quietly without any complain. In the wedding, his friends forced him to say love me but in vain. After so many years, I would not get any chance to listen his affection words. Maybe I would feel comfortable to see his clear eyes and smile forever.
However, Sam would not forget any important festival to share happiness with me. When thanksgiving is coming, I know there would be something special. It is my Sam, who would tell me what's going on by words but via surprising effort. What I know for most is that he may send me a lovely gift I want, just like what he did for other festivals.
I cherish Thanksgiving Day very much. It is the special moment we could share thankfulness and love with other people. In the morning, Sam and I went to the church and then to my parents' for a happy party. Once again, Sam is quiet but with his charming smile at any time. Then he told me he got something to pick up and would wait for me in house. Then I can go home via bus. So I let him go. I liked the warm sunshine in Thanksgiving Day; what's more, I may wonder what may happen in the house because I knew it was his trick to prepare thanksgiving gift for me. "Poor Sam and a naughty excuse". I smiled to myself.
When I got back the house, Sam was not there. Then I found a beautiful bundle of leather handbags hanging on the wall in front of me. Amazing! I counted there were 7 handbags in the rainbow color. What's more, the leather bags were set to form the capital words "I LOVE YOU" deliberately. I loved such thanksgiving gift so much. Then smiling Sam showed up to embrace me from the back. "Wait, why don't you say the simple words from your month instead?" Sam stunned and opened the month, and then came the words: "Happy Thanksgiving!" Oh my, he refused once again!

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Leather Bags Colorful Thanksgiving Gift for Love

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This article was published on 2010/10/15