Dermis Bag Thanksgiving Gift For Dear Wife

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2010 Thanksgiving Day is coming near. Frankly speaking, I have too many people to express my gratitude: colleagues, friends, parents and above all, my wife. Our marriage has advanced into the six years without knowing. In these six years, we experienced a lot together including happy ones like the birth of our son and gloomy ones like the difficulties in life and work.

I still remember how she encouraged and consoled me in those days when I was checked by neck bottle in professional career. I don't think I can own all the things I have now without her support. My wife once used to be a competent working woman, but she resolutely gave up her career after marrying me. Sometimes, I would think that perhaps she would do a better job than if she didn't choose to be a housewife. Indeed, she made tremendous sacrifice for the family.

Therefore, the one I feel most owing to is my wife and I will make up for her. Actually, I have already prepared a thanksgiving gift for her-a dermis handbag. Just like many other women, my wife is also addicted in bags of all sorts. Actually, she has a wide collection of bags: LV, Hermes, Chanel and so on. Nevertheless, I think she will like this one best because the love of a husband is unmatchable. Made of dermis, this handbag is soft in texture and trendy in style. Besides, the heart-shaped metal accessory is the highlight of it which represents my love for her.

Once she also used to be rosy in cheeks and tender in lips as a young girl. Yet the hard toil as a housewife has gradually worn away her girlish loveliness. Her complexion was growing dull, her face wrinkled and her hands calloused. I feel a little guilty for this from time to time. I know I can't pay her back for what I owe to her in this life whatever I do. However, I do wish that this dermis bag will let her know how deep I love her because I know the profoundest happiness for a woman is the knowledge that shed is loved.

I will keep my thanksgiving gift a secret to her because I want to catch her by surprise. I have a scenario. That is, arrange a candlelight dinner that day and then show her my thanksgiving gift in such a romantic atmosphere. Alas! I really can't wait for the coming of 2010 Thanksgiving Day.
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Dermis Bag Thanksgiving Gift For Dear Wife

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This article was published on 2010/09/25