A Thanksgiving Gift For Oneself

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Do you know Thanksgiving Day? I am sure you do whether you are from the Western countries or Eastern countries. The very name suggests that we should par our love, thanks, gratitude, respect, appreciation to people that we want to convey our these feelings to them. It is true as well as meaningful, because we receive so many helps from them. However, do you think, even just a little, about yourself? People who work hard on their jobs or study hard in the school. Or people who try their utmost to make a living to support their family. If you belong to these people, you are also be worth to thank, appreciate and respect, right?

So, what I want to talk about is the thanksgiving gifts for, not others, ourselves. Encourage and reward ourselves on this special day.

A fat turkey comes first. Enjoying delicious food is a necessary part of our daily life. We know turkey is one of symbols on Thanksgiving Day. So why do we cook a delicious turkey for ourselves? Many people are so busy that they are eating out very often and have no enough time to cook and eat at the warm home.

Then, a bunch of beautiful flowers. Many researches show that flower can make us happy and have a good mood. Actually, there is no others things that is more important than a happy mood. In our modern society, we are time-starvation have more stress than before generations. So we can pick up a bunch of flowers such as rose, carnation, lily and so on on our desks. We do not need lovers or others to give us, because we also can make it.

A hat, scarf and a pair of gloves. Thanksgiving Day comes from a freezing winter, and it is very time that we need warmth. A hat, scarf and a pair of gloves can prevent the coldness from being close to us. A portion of warmth is from outside as well as inside.

We are important for others like we think some people in our life are important for us. We have enough reason to reward ourselves on this special day. Don't you think so?
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A Thanksgiving Gift For Oneself

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This article was published on 2010/10/08